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10 years ago I was turning 50. I was feeling fatigue,  had issues with my knees and had a definite brain fog in the afternoon. On top of that, I had slowly gained 20 pounds that I was unable to shed. I was introduced to the Univera product line and within 3 months I felt like a new person.  I am now turning 60 and feel younger and stronger than ever before. I am in the top 100 nationally in my age category for Crossfit and now my possibilities are endless.                  - Catherine 

When I was a kid, my mom would say a cold is “three days coming, three days here and three days gone” For the most part this was true and I would get several colds a year, even as an adult.  Now when I start to feel the first day of the “Three days coming” part I start my Solynex and double up on my daily dose of SuperImmune, and the rest of the 3-6 days usually never happen!  In fact, since I started my Univera I don’t think I have had a full on cold in about 4 years!  - Bev




I have been using Univera's products for the past 3 years.  Because I work two jobs, I was always tired, a bit stressed out and my body hurt.  Now I feel great!! I'm so happy to have the energy to go hiking in the beautiful mountains of Lake Tahoe where I live. My job requires me to keep working while others aren't. So I recently  added the SuperImmune to the other products I use and am very happy to have that added support.  - Cristina

Before I was introduced to Univera's great line of products, I was chronically tired and I had an issue with a nerve in the back of my leg.  I thought overseas travel would not be possible.  About 6 weeks after starting the products I noticed a huge difference.  I had more energy, stamina and my leg no longer bothered me.  And as you can see in the picture, I now enjoy lots of travel. - Rafa